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Main facts about the geography of India

  • The huge Himalayas are in the far North
  • Ganges River in the Northeast
  • Thar Desert in the Northwest
  • Indo-Gangetic Plain in the central-North
  • Deccan plateau in the central interior
  • Eastern and Western coastline, with Eastern and Western Ghat mountains running parallel to the coast
  • Bay of bengal off the Eastern coast
  • Arabian Sea off the Western coast

India Maps

India is one of the most interesting plots of land carved out on this Earth. While the country is insanely populated, the land certainly has plenty of talent and arable abilities to help provide for a population.

Starting at the top, the country is shrouded and protected from cold winds by the massively high-peaking Himalayas in the North. The Thar Desert forms a barrier with Pakistan in the Northwest. Directly below the mountains is a giant floodplain called the Indo-Gangetic Plain, where they grow a lot of food and sustain a lot of people. Directly below the plain is the Deccan plateau, encompassing the interior of the country as it starts to point outward. The bottom half of India is a giant peninsula (Indian peninsula) jutting out to a sharp point forming a separate East and West coast with the Eastern and Western Ghat mountains running parallel to the coastline.

The shape of the country resembles an elephant head with trunk or perhaps a Native American arrowhead. When inspecting the look and feel of India, the shape certainly has a pleasing, top-heavy, symmetrical look to it. Interestingly enough, some sources claim the country spans the same length (approximately 1,800 – 2,000 miles) North-South as East-West, although upon glance, this seems dubious.

India Maps

A map of India’s physical features from 1859
India Maps

The city of Kolkata (Calcutta) is the purple section in this image
India Maps

The Jayakwadi Dam and Ujani Dam in Western India
India Maps

Tsunami waves off the coast of India as seen from space
India Maps

Scenery from the Yamuna River
India Pictures

A view of Varanasi from the Ganges
India Pictures

The Flag of India

Flag of India