Where Exactly Is Mount Everest Located?

Mt Everest is located in the Himalaya Mountains, right on the border between Nepal and Tibet, China.
Where Is Mount Everest Located?

Who was the first man to climb Mount Everest?

The first person to climb Mount Everest was Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand. His sherpa, Tenzing Norgay of Nepal, was also along on the quest to the summit. They accomplished this amazing feat on May 29,1953 after so many had failed or perished attempting to conquer the mountain.

How high/tall is Mount Everest

Mount Everest is 29,029 feet to 29,035 feet above sea level. This is the equivalent of about 8,848 meters tall.

How many miles high is Mount Everest?

Everest is approximately 5.5 miles high!

What is the absolute location of Mount Everest

  • Longitude: 86º55’40″ E
  • Latitude: 27º59’16″ N

Interesting facts about Mount Everest

  • It costs a pretty penny to climb Mt Everest. Upwards of $25,000-$50,000 and rising! It is a serious source of much needed revenue for the region.
  • May is a very popular month to attempt to climb. The climbers want to beat the monsoon season and the winds/jet streams actually die down before the monsoons come. Big winds are a real problem for climbers that high up.
  • Scientists approximate that Mt Everest is around 60 million years old.
  • Avalanches are the major cause of death for climbers.
  • As you ascend up Everest, you naturally lose access to oxygen. By the time you reached one-third (10,000 feet)up the mountain, you have lost 33% of the oxygen. By the time you reached two-thirds (20,000 feet) up the mountain, you have lost 50%. When, or shall we say, if, you reach the top, you have lost 67%.

Mt. Everest is the cream of the crop when it comes to peaks – the big boy, the tallest of them all. It is officially the tallest mountain in the World, above sea level at least. While Everest may be an easier climb than some of the other enormous 8K mountains in Asia, no mountain stands as tall as Everest, and no mountain is as famous either. Whether it’s morbid fascination with the danger of the altitude or whether mankind just simply must conquer the highest peak over and over, faster and faster, younger and younger.

The great peak is known by many names, depending on what region you are in. The government of Nepal coined the name Sagarmatha in the 1960s, which translates to Goddess of the Sky. In Tibet, their name of Chomolangma translates to Goddess of the Universe. Other names include Qomolangma, Chajamlangma, Zhumulangma, and the simple and understatedPeak 15, which was the name used often, before finally the 1865 suggestion from the Royal Geographical Society to name the mountain after Sir George Everest, a surveyor from Great Britain.

There are two most common paths you can tread to get to the prestigious top of the mountain: the North or the South. Sir Edmund Hillary reached the summit via the South route when he made it in 1953. Along the way to the top, there are various camp locations at different levels. About 17,500 feet up, there’s base camp. At 20,000 feet, there’s camp 1. At 21,300, there’s camp 2. At 24,000, there’s camp 3. At 26,000, there’s camp 4. After camp 4, it’s a very long extra 3,000 feet to reach the summit.